How to Make Friendship Bracelets with Beads

I love making friendship bracelets with beads. It’s so easy, and really kicks them up a notch and makes them feel special. Follow the steps below and you’ll be whipping out bracelets like a fiend. Something about the glowing colors of these letter beads really makes me happy. They also remind me of summer camp […]

Make a Daisy Chain Seed Bead Necklace

These daisy seed bead necklaces cheer me up every time I see them. I want one for myself this spring, to add a little brightness to the world. If they make you happy too, make one for yourself or someone you love, and bring a little more sunshine into the world. They are very easy to make!

Rainbow Knit Beanie Hat Pattern

I made a rainbow beanie hat pattern for you. And it’s free! Because sometimes life calls for rainbows… and pompoms, and it’s usually around about now. I bought a kit for this hat at a local yarn store years ago, but since both the store and the yarn are no more, I set out to […]

How to Make This Easy Waterproof Makeup Bag

There’s a story behind this makeup bag: my daughter was given the cutest one, which she decided was the perfect shape and had the added bonus of being easy to clean so it would continue to look cute (so important). But of course, these things don’t last forever and we went looking for a replacement. […]

Easy, Beautiful Meyer Lemon Marmalade Recipe

Meyer Lemon Marmalade is like sunshine in a jar, and who doesn’t need that some days? Am I right?? I’m honestly obsessed with this stuff. I used to eat it every day, but it doesn’t fit into our new low-refined-sugar lifestyle (so fun), so I think it’s going to have to be just a Sunday thing.

Easy Free Knit Scarf Pattern with No Purling

I just finished this easy-but-beautiful knitted scarf for my beautiful boy, who will be spending the next four years in chilly Vermont. The pattern is very easy, beginner easy—no purling! I know many people struggle with purling when they are just getting started… I love that the stitches create such an incredible texture with just […]