Simple Friendship Bracelet Pattern

This simple friendship bracelet pattern features the lark’s head knot, one of the fundamental macrame knots. In mythology and literature, larks are associated with the morning and rebirth, making this bracelet perfect for spring.

DIY Shell Bracelet for Summer

This is an easy tutorial for a cute DIY shell bracelet — perfect for summer or a beach vacation. Oooooh, I’d love a beach vacation right about now…

How to Make Friendship Bracelets with Beads

I love making friendship bracelets with beads. It’s so easy, and really kicks them up a notch and makes them feel special. Follow the steps below and you’ll be whipping out bracelets like a fiend. Something about the glowing colors of these letter beads really makes me happy. They also remind me of summer camp […]

DIY Macramé Anklet Tutorial with Beads

I couldn’t find a tutorial on how to DIY this cute macramé beaded anklet for myself. I spotted it on Pinterest a while back and immediately wanted one for my own flash-the-peace-sign-semi-ironically, it’s-all-good, boho look. I love that they are reminiscent of friendship bracelets but look so much more polished. If you like DIY jewelry, […]