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Free Knitted Hat Pattern: Ribbed Beanie

I hope you like this free knitted hat pattern for a ribbed beanie in Cartridge Belt Rib. This stitch is very popular for scarves, but I couldn’t find many hat patterns using it. Cartridge Belt Rib is also called False Rib because when you knit it on straight needles, you create a ribbed look without […]

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How to Make Cyanotypes on Fabric

Making cyanotypes on fabric is easier than people think and lots of fun. It’s a quick and simple process that lends itself to all sorts of interesting experimentation. You can use cyanotypes for lots of projects: pillows, quilts, bags, clothing, banners, tablecloths, placemats — too many things to list. Cyanotype doesn’t require much in the […]

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Sashiko Stitching: Japanese Embroidery with Free Pattern

Sashiko stitching (a kind of Japanese embroidery) is easy to learn. I’ve created the perfect project for a beginner to get started and created a free downloadable pattern. Sashiko is one of my favorite forms of embroidery because it’s easy to get great results as a beginner, but there is a world of history, technique, […]

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