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Simple Friendship Bracelet Pattern

This simple friendship bracelet pattern features the lark’s head knot, one of the fundamental macrame knots. In mythology and literature, larks are associated with the morning and rebirth, making this bracelet perfect for spring.

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Crafts to Take to the Pool, Beach, or on a Trip

If you are lucky enough to have some downtime this summer, it’s a great time to do some easy crafting. If you already have a big handwork project going, lucky you. If not, here are some suggestions of crafts to take to the pool, beach, or on a trip. I like to do things that […]

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Free Knitted Hat Pattern: Ribbed Beanie

I hope you like this free knitted hat pattern for a ribbed beanie in Cartridge Belt Rib. This stitch is very popular for scarves, but I couldn’t find many hat patterns using it. Cartridge Belt Rib is also called False Rib because when you knit it on straight needles, you create a ribbed look without […]

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