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Make Fingerless Gloves with a Felted Sweater

Is there anything more vindicating than pulling something out of your stash or storage and turning it into something beautiful and usable? No there isn’t. It’s a special circle of heaven populated by crafters and makers.

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Explore the Secret Rock Path of Mill Valley, California

Sometimes human beings are wonderful and weird, and the Secret Rock Path is evidence of that. It began some months ago, during the shelter in place order of spring 2020, and has blossomed into an exhibit of artistic expression and the good vibes we Californians are known for.

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Gifts for Crafters and Makers

This list of gifts for crafters could also be titled Things I’ve Bought, Things I Want (hat tip to Kim France). I hope you find it inspiring. I’ve limited it to small, independent stores and creators as much as possible.

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