Rainbow Knit Beanie Hat Pattern

I made a rainbow beanie hat pattern for you. And it’s free! Because sometimes life calls for rainbows… and pompoms, and it’s usually around about now. I bought a kit for this hat at a local yarn store years ago, but since both the store and the yarn are no more, I set out to […]

How to Make This Easy Waterproof Makeup Bag

There’s a story behind this makeup bag: my daughter was given the cutest one, which she decided was the perfect shape and had the added bonus of being easy to clean so it would continue to look cute (so important). But of course, these things don’t last forever and we went looking for a replacement. […]

Make this cute DIY Recycled Sweater Tote

This recycled sweater tote was kind of an impulse project that came together very quickly after I came across this sweater while cleaning out our storage. Can I say it was quick if I’ve been saving the sweater for 20 years? I think so…

Easy, Beautiful Meyer Lemon Marmalade Recipe

Meyer Lemon Marmalade is like sunshine in a jar, and who doesn’t need that some days? Am I right?? I’m honestly obsessed with this stuff. I used to eat it every day, but it doesn’t fit into our new low-refined-sugar lifestyle (so fun), so I think it’s going to have to be just a Sunday thing.

Make this Fingerless Gloves Knitting Pattern

This classic fingerless gloves knitting pattern knits up so quickly and the gloves are perfect for chilly fall days, or California winters. They also make a lovely gift for fall or winter birthdays or the holidays and are easy to bring along in the car or on the plane. Who doesn’t love that? Once the […]

Easy DIY Shibori Indigo Wool Scarf

This DIY Shibori indigo wool scarf was so easy and turned out so much better than I could ever hope for! Follow these steps and make one for yourself, your mom, your sister…

Easy Free Knit Scarf Pattern with No Purling

This free knit scarf pattern involves no purl stitches, making it the perfect choice for beginner knitters. It’s easy but creates a beautiful rib stitch. Many people struggle with purling when they are just getting started… I knit this easy-but-beautiful scarf for my beautiful boy, who will be spending the next four years in chilly […]

How to Make Indigo Shibori Cloth Napkins

This was my first solo attempt at an indigo vat. I was really nervous about it and procrastinated for a while until I just bit the bullet and put it in the calendar. These indigo shibori napkins are super easy and so satisfying to make. Ten out of ten would recommend.

DIY Macramé Anklet Tutorial with Beads

I couldn’t find a tutorial on how to DIY this cute macramé beaded anklet for myself. I spotted it on Pinterest a while back and immediately wanted one for my own flash-the-peace-sign-semi-ironically, it’s-all-good, boho look. I love that they are reminiscent of friendship bracelets but look so much more polished. If you like DIY jewelry, […]