Crafts to Take to the Pool, Beach, or on a Trip

If you are lucky enough to have some downtime this summer, it’s a great time to do some easy crafting. If you already have a big handwork project going, lucky you. If not, here are some suggestions of crafts to take to the pool, beach, or on a trip. I like to do things that […]

How to Make Cyanotypes on Fabric

Making cyanotypes on fabric is easier than people think and lots of fun. It’s a quick and simple process that lends itself to all sorts of interesting experimentation. You can use cyanotypes for lots of projects: pillows, quilts, bags, clothing, banners, tablecloths, placemats — too many things to list. Cyanotype doesn’t require much in the […]

Sashiko Stitching: Japanese Embroidery with Free Pattern

Sashiko stitching (a kind of Japanese embroidery) is easy to learn. I’ve created the perfect project for a beginner to get started and created a free downloadable pattern. Sashiko is one of my favorite forms of embroidery because it’s easy to get great results as a beginner, but there is a world of history, technique, […]

Make Fingerless Gloves with a Felted Sweater

Is there anything more vindicating than pulling something out of your stash or storage and turning it into something beautiful and usable? No there isn’t. It’s a special circle of heaven populated by crafters and makers.

Christmas Gnome Ornaments: Free Pattern

These gnome Christmas ornaments are a great easy, indoor project when you need a quick win. Sometimes you just need something you can finish in an hour, just to get that quick dopamine hit — so many things in our lives complicated and drawn out. And what’s not to love about gnomes, am I right?!

How to Make Lavender Sachets

My mother and grandmother always had sachets or lovely boxed bars of soap in their drawers. It’s a great way to keep things smelling fresh in a low-key way. Follow this sewing tutorial and I’ll show you how to make lavender sachets in the shape of little fish to put in your drawers! Liberty sells […]

How to Keep Sourdough Bread Fresh (DIY Bread Bag)

This waxed bread bag ended up working better than I thought it would! After three days, with just a little nub of bread left, it was still very soft on the inside and nice and crispy on the outside.

How to Sew a Face Mask (Two Different Ways)

I’ve recently been sewing a lot of face masks, as I’m sure many of you have too. I signed up to be part of a team of sewists supplying masks for our county employees — police, sheriff, fire department — those people. It’s nice to feel like one can do something. At this point, I’ve […]

5 Easy Craft Projects for Adults

There are times in life when all you want is an easy project to take your mind off of things, shall we say. Whatever your things are. Something to keep your hands busy while you’re watching Netflix, or sitting in a meeting (think school board, not your 360 review with your boss), chatting with a […]

How to Make This Easy Waterproof Makeup Bag

There’s a story behind this makeup bag: my daughter was given the cutest one, which she decided was the perfect shape and had the added bonus of being easy to clean so it would continue to look cute (so important). But of course, these things don’t last forever and we went looking for a replacement. […]