Hey there. I’m Merel.

I am never happier than when I’m lost in the process of Making.

Maybe that’s you too. It gives me a sense of ease and well-being that I find in few other places. Sometimes it’s almost like an itch I need to scratch!

And I love sharing what I know.

Unlike many people, I did not grow up in a family where I learned to knit/stitch/crochet at my grandmother’s knee. I was pretty much limited to loom potholders and friendship bracelets (both of which I still love).

In my early 20s, my mother and sister and I signed up for a summer knitting class. I was hooked. But design school and work took me in a different direction for a while, and it wasn’t until I had my son that I started knitting again.

When my children started at a Waldorf school, I jumped into all kinds of crafts: needle felting, sewing, embroidery, quilting, dyeing. And there was such a lovely community of makers supporting each other: crafting circle once a week, volunteering in handwork class, auction projects.

This is where my crafting life really took off.

I’m good at this stuff. Turns out my brain just works that way. (I will never master mental math, though, and I would make a terrible diplomat. No poker face whatsoever.)

I love to figure out where things are tricky and make them easier: the little ins and outs, tips and hacks. And I can talk about this stuff all. day. long.

And I love teaching and inspiring other makers and crafters — there is a lot of joy in making it yourself, and in the connections we create around it.

Thanks for stopping by. Let’s do some stuff.

(Check out this post if you want to know why I started a blog!)