Crafts to Take to the Pool, Beach, or on a Trip

If you are lucky enough to have some downtime this summer, it’s a great time to do some easy crafting. If you already have a big handwork project going, lucky you. If not, here are some suggestions of crafts to take to the pool, beach, or on a trip. I like to do things that […]

Free Knitted Hat Pattern: Ribbed Beanie

I hope you like this free knitted hat pattern for a ribbed beanie in Cartridge Belt Rib. This stitch is very popular for scarves, but I couldn’t find many hat patterns using it. Cartridge Belt Rib is also called False Rib because when you knit it on straight needles, you create a ribbed look without […]

What You Need to Knit: Beginner to Expert

Are you a beginner knitter? Or ready to graduate to the next level? Well this is what you need to knit: all the tools and supplies you need to get started as a beginner, and what you need when you are ready to move up towards expert. I’ve been knitting for a while now. Let’s […]

Knit Hat Pattern — Classic Cuffed Beanie

This knit hat pattern for a cuffed beanie makes a classic style — like worn blue jeans or Chuck Taylors — but with the right yarn, it also makes a very lux piece. And who doesn’t want both of those things? It’s a pretty straightforward pattern, but if you’re newer to knitting, I’ve added a […]

5 Easy Craft Projects for Adults

There are times in life when all you want is an easy project to take your mind off of things, shall we say. Whatever your things are. Something to keep your hands busy while you’re watching Netflix, or sitting in a meeting (think school board, not your 360 review with your boss), chatting with a […]

Rainbow Knit Beanie Hat Pattern

I made a rainbow beanie hat pattern for you. And it’s free! Because sometimes life calls for rainbows… and pompoms, and it’s usually around about now. I bought a kit for this hat at a local yarn store years ago, but since both the store and the yarn are no more, I set out to […]

Make this Fingerless Gloves Knitting Pattern

This classic fingerless gloves knitting pattern knits up so quickly and the gloves are perfect for chilly fall days, or California winters. They also make a lovely gift for fall or winter birthdays or the holidays and are easy to bring along in the car or on the plane. Who doesn’t love that? Once the […]

Easy Free Knit Scarf Pattern with No Purling

This free knit scarf pattern involves no purl stitches, making it the perfect choice for beginner knitters. It’s easy but creates a beautiful rib stitch. Many people struggle with purling when they are just getting started… I knit this easy-but-beautiful scarf for my beautiful boy, who will be spending the next four years in chilly […]