Make a Cutout Silhouette of Your Dog (or Kid)

I have always found these cutout silhouettes charming — something about their graphic starkness along with their individuality. When done well they really do capture the personality.

How to Sew a Face Mask (Two Different Ways)

I’ve recently been sewing a lot of face masks, as I’m sure many of you have too. I signed up to be part of a team of sewists supplying masks for our county employees — police, sheriff, fire department — those people. It’s nice to feel like one can do something. At this point, I’ve […]

5 Easy Craft Projects for Adults

There are times in life when all you want is an easy project to take your mind off of things, shall we say. Whatever your things are. Something to keep your hands busy while you’re watching Netflix, or sitting in a meeting (think school board, not your 360 review with your boss), chatting with a […]

Make an Easy Living Air Plant Wreath

This is a super simple version of an air plant wreath that will bloom and grow for years if you take care of it. I love a seasonless wreath with staying power. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

DIY Spring Wreath: Make Cherry Blossoms with Felt

There’s a certain time of year when I just start to crave the clean, spare but fresh look and feel of spring. This DIY spring wreath — with little felt cherry blossoms made from hand-dyed wool — is my attempt to capture that and hold onto it a little longer. I love flowers made out […]

Make a Wreath Jig

I made this wreath jig a few months ago, based on an article in Sunset magazine from years ago, and then thought I’d wait until fall to write it up. But since I like making wreaths in all seasons, maybe it doesn’t matter what season it is? I mean, I used it to make this […]

7 Quality Tools Every New Crafter Should Own

If you’re just getting started in this world of making, it can be pretty overwhelming to realize just how many tools are required for even a simple project. But really, only a few tools are needed for most projects, and they’ll last you for many years if you treat them right. These 7 tools are […]

The Crafty Upside to Failure

There’s little downside to messing up… I’ve been thinking a lot about failure lately. A few weeks ago my idea for a Valentine’s project didn’t develop into anything amazing (see the pic — they look worse in person). I kept working at it and working at it, putting in hours, and it just never achieved […]

Quick Winter Craft: Make a Beaded Garnet Necklace

I am posting this simple beaded garnet necklace tutorial in honor of Valentine’s Day. Actually, it’s my daughter’s Valentine’s gift this year, but she doesn’t know that yet. The summer after I graduated from high school, I was lucky enough to spend a month in Egypt, staying with a friend and her Egyptian relatives. We […]

How to Make This Easy Waterproof Makeup Bag

There’s a story behind this makeup bag: my daughter was given the cutest one, which she decided was the perfect shape and had the added bonus of being easy to clean so it would continue to look cute (so important). But of course, these things don’t last forever and we went looking for a replacement. […]

Make this cute DIY Recycled Sweater Tote

This recycled sweater tote was kind of an impulse project that came together very quickly after I came across this sweater while cleaning out our storage. Can I say it was quick if I’ve been saving the sweater for 20 years? I think so…