7 Quality Tools Every New Crafter Should Own

If you’re just getting started in this world of making, it can be pretty overwhelming to realize just how many tools are required for even a simple project. But really, only a few tools are needed for most projects, and they’ll last you for many years if you treat them right.

These 7 tools are the kinds of things that you can use for many different crafts, but some things, like knitting and sewing, would also require more specialized items that are unique to those fields.

  • Olfa Self-Healing Cutting Mat — Did you see that word? Self-healing? Ya, it’s magic. What isn’t magic is leaving these things in your car, like ever. They will warp, and you will be sad. They come in many shapes and flavors, but I think 18 inches by 24 inches is probably the best for most people.
  • Olfa Rotary Cutter — I’ll be honest, I’m a little bit scared of this thing. It’s so effing sharp. But that’s the thing, it cuts like a dream. I used it for the Felted Sweater Tote, the Waterproof Makeup Bag … Just keep your fingers on your straight edge when you are cutting, ok?
  • Exacto Knife & Utility Knife — Yes, I know Exacto is a brand, but this one (made by Fiskars) is a lot more comfortable to use with its soft rubber handle and ergonomic shape. For the utility knife, I really like the ones that have the snap-off blade, so you don’t have to change it as often.
  • Quilting Ruler — This thing combined with the cutting mat is a dream. Why? Because it’s clear! You can see through it! And then you can see that all the little lines are matched up, and you can read all the numbers. Measure twice, cut once my friends.
  • Fabric Scissors & Paper Scissors — At this point, the whole fabric versus paper scissors is a bit of a crafting meme. But paper will wreak havoc on your blades, it’s true. The fabric scissors, made by Gingher, are one of those German engineering things — they are just a pleasure to look at and a pleasure to use, and they have that indescribable feel, the “click,” of a well-made tool. The paper scissors are an upgraded version of the orange Fiskars that have been around forever, for good reason.

To wrap up, whatever tools you choose, be sure to keep them sharp. I repeatedly amazed by how much better things go if I use a sharp blade (duh, I know, yet I can’t seem to remember this). Especially the rotary cutter, since the replacement blades are pretty pricey, and I can be kinda cheap like that. Lol.

And we will end with Ryan Gosling.

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