5 Easy Craft Projects for Adults

There are times in life when all you want is an easy project to take your mind off of things, shall we say. Whatever your things are. Something to keep your hands busy while you’re watching Netflix, or sitting in a meeting (think school board, not your 360 review with your boss), chatting with a […]

Rainbow Knit Beanie Hat Pattern

I made a rainbow beanie hat pattern for you. And it’s free! Because sometimes life calls for rainbows… and pompoms, and it’s usually around about now. I bought a kit for this hat at a local yarn store years ago, but since both the store and the yarn are no more, I set out to […]

Easy Free Knit Scarf Pattern with No Purling

I just finished this easy-but-beautiful knitted scarf for my beautiful boy, who will be spending the next four years in chilly Vermont. The pattern is very easy, beginner easy—no purling! I know many people struggle with purling when they are just getting started… I love that the stitches create such an incredible texture with just […]