Explore the Secret Rock Path of Mill Valley, California

Sometimes human beings are wonderful and weird, and the Secret Rock Path is evidence of that. It began some months ago, during the shelter in place order of spring 2020, and has blossomed into an exhibit of artistic expression and the good vibes we Californians are known for.

The Crafty Upside to Failure

There’s little downside to messing up… I’ve been thinking a lot about failure lately. A few weeks ago my idea for a Valentine’s project didn’t develop into anything amazing (see the pic — they look worse in person). I kept working at it and working at it, putting in hours, and it just never achieved […]

How I Learned to Love My Gray Hair

Sooooo… I recently stopped dyeing my hair. Just for a little context, I have been having my hair colored in some fashion since I was 14 years old, so it’s kinda a big deal. I could’ve said I recently decided to stop dyeing my hair, but that would imply that I had this amazing, self-affirming, […]

Why I Started A Blog

Seems like a crazy thing to do, right? I thought about and thought about it for years, of course. And then my main hustle tapered off for a bit, so I found myself with the time and energy to actually dive into it. There’s a lot to learn when you start out, and a lot […]