Can You Eat Radish Greens? Yes! Make Pesto

Many people don’t realize that you can eat radish greens or leaves. Yep. They are 100% edible. In the spirit of waste not, want not, here’s a quick radish greens pesto recipe for your next crop. It’s healthy, delicious, and super easy. Scroll to the bottom for more radish green recipes. Lately, we’ve seen a […]

Make an Easy Living Air Plant Wreath

This is a super simple version of an air plant wreath that will bloom and grow for years if you take care of it. I love a seasonless wreath with staying power. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

Cherry Blossom Wreath Tutorial

I love flowers made out of felt. There’s something about the colors and the texture of felt that somehow captures and enhances the essence of a flower. Cherry blossoms are one of my favorite flowers — the soft, pale flowers contrasted with the dark, bold branches. Right? So good. This cherry blossom wreath tutorial will […]

Make a Wreath Jig

I made this wreath jig a few months ago, based on an article in Sunset magazine from years ago, and then thought I’d wait until fall to write it up. But since I like making wreaths in all seasons, maybe it doesn’t matter what season it is? I mean, I used it to make this […]